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For Screen Printing

UV Curing Machine for Screen Printing

UVET’s LED UV curing machines are perfect for screen printing. With their narrow spectral
output, UV-LEDs can achieve an excellent depth of cure so that the ink is immediately cured.

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  • Ultra Long Linear UV LED Light for Printing

    1500x10mm 12W/cm²

    The UVSN-375H2-H is a high-performance linear UV LED light. It offers a curing size of 1500x10mm, accommodating large-area printing applications. With a UV intensity up to 12W/cm2 at 395nm wavelength, this lamp provides fast and efficient curing, ensuring high productivity for large-scale projects.

    Moreover, its programmable features make it highly adaptable for handling diverse materials and curing processes. The UVSN-375H2-H is a versatile lamp that guarantees efficient and effective performance in various industrial settings.

  • UV LED Curing Lamp for Screen Printing

    240x20mm 12W/cm²

    With a high UV intensity of 12W/cm2 and a large curing area of 240x20mm, the UVSN-300M2 UV LED curing lamp cures inks quickly and evenly. The introduction of this product allows manufacturers to optimise their production processes, increase productivity and save costs by upgrading their conventional screen printing machines to UV LED versions, demonstrating the great potential of UV LED curing lamps in the screen printing sector.

  • UV Led Curing Solutions for Screen Printing

    320x20mm 12W/cm²

    With a curing area of 320x20mm and a UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 395nm, the UVSN-400K1 LED UV curing lamp is an indispensable tool for screen printing. Its widespread use across various industries demonstrates its effectiveness in curing ink, thereby enhancing print quality and productivity.

    Thanks to its seamless integration into the screen printing process, it guarantees clear and consistent print patterns, making it a versatile and reliable solution for manufacturers seeking high quality print results.

  • LED UV Curing Light for Screen Printing

    240x60mm 12W/cm²

    With an irradiation area of 240x60mm and a UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 395nm, the LED UV curing light UVSN-900C4 is a reliable solution for screen printing. Its high energy and uniform output ensures rapid curing and reduces problems such as blurring and fading during the printing process. This not only improves product quality and efficiency, but also reduces production waste, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the company and the development of the industry.

  • High intensity UV LED Curing Solution for Screen Printing

    250x20mm 16W/cm²

    The UVSN-300K2-M is a highly efficient UV LED curing solution for screen printing. With a curing size of 250x20mm and UV intensity up to 16W/cm2, it offers broad applicability, delivering uniform curing on substrates of various sizes, materials, and shapes.

    This capability significantly improves production efficiency and enhances printing quality, establishing it as an essential tool for industrial printing processes.

  • LED UV curing solution for Screen Printing

    500x20mm 16W/cm²

    The fan-cooled 500x20mm LED UV curing lamp UVSN-600P4 provides high-intensity ultraviolet light of 16W/cm2 at 395nm, making them an ideal choice for UV screen printing. Their compact design and efficient cooling system ensure reliable performance and longevity.

    It offers numerous advantages such as ease of operation, reduced downtime, and increased productivity. Additionally, UVSN-600P4 enhances adhesion on colored products, resulting in improved print quality, reduced waste, and overall cost savings.

  • High Intensity UV LED Light Source for Screen Printing

    400x40mm 16W/cm²

    UVET’s UVSN-960U1 is high intensity UV LED light source for screen printing. With a curing area of 400x40mm and high UV output of 16W/cm2, the lamp significantly improves print quality.

    The lamp not only solves the problems of inconsistent print quality, blurring and diffusion, but also meets the increasing demands for environmental protection and energy saving. Choose the UVSN-960U1 to bring new process improvements to the screen printing industry.

  • High Output Water-cooled LED UV curing lamp

    100x20mm 24W/cm²

    Designed for high-power curing in screen printing application, the high output water-cooled UV LED lamp UVSN-4W delivers UV intensity of 24W/cm2 at wavelength of 395nm. The lamp is compact in size with a flat window of 100x20mm, making it easy to integrate into printing machines.

    Its cooling mechanism ensures efficient heat management, providing stable and precise UV output, greatly improving the overall efficiency and productivity of printing operations.