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High Intensity UV LED System for Digital Printing

High Intensity UV LED System for Digital Printing

The state-of-the-art UV LED curing lamp offers advanced capability and increased production speeds for digital inkjet printing. This innovative product provides emitting area of 65x20mm and peak UV intensity of 8W/cm2 at 395nm, ensuring full UV curing and deep polymerization of UV inks.

Its compact design, self-contained units, and easy installation make it a seamless addition to printer. Upgrade your UV printing process with the UVSN-2L1 for efficient, reliable, and sustainable curing.


UVET introduced the UVSN-2L1 series UV LED system specially designed for manufacturers and processors of digital inkjet printers. The system's continuous irradiance up to 8W/cm2 ensures a quick and efficient curing process, guaranteeing a consistent uniformity and reduced production time. With its high-performance LED technology, the "cold cure" offered by LED-based systems is ideal for heat-sensitive substrates, ensuring the integrity of the final printed product.

One of the main advantages of the UVSN-2L1 is its compact design and fully self-contained unit. Unlike other UV LED lamps, the UV LED system does not require an external control box, making installation a breeze. Integrate the UVSN-2L1 seamlessly into your existing equipment without any hassle. This unit can be easily controlled via an industry standard digital interface for instant on-off and precise intensity control from 10% to 100%.

The UVSN-2L1 offers flexibility and versatility. The UV lamp's optional UV wavelengths includes 365nm, 385nm, 395nm to 405nm, which meets a variety of UV ink and curing requirements. This broad range ensures compatibility with a wide range of UV digital printing applications, increasing versatility and adaptability. Additionally, the system features fan cooling, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating during prolonged usage.

The UV curing system UVSN- 2L1 is aimed primarily at digital printing and single pass UV inkjet systems at the high speeds. Experience consistent uniformity of the substrate surface and elevate printing quality with the UVSN-2L1 series.

  • Specifications
  • Model No. UVSS-2L1 UVSE-2L1 UVSN-2L1 UVSZ-2L1
    UV Wavelength 365nm 385nm 395nm 405nm
    Peak UV Intensity 6W/cm2 8W/cm2
    Irradiation Area 65X20mm
    Cooling System Fan Cooling

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