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For Digital Printing

UV LED Lamps for Digital Printing

UVET provides high-effetive UV LED lamps for digital printing. They offer advanced capability
and increased production speeds due to the compact size, ease of integration, and high intensity.

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  • UV LED System for UV DTF Printing

    80x15mm 8W/cm²

    The UVSN-54B-2 UV LED system is a reliable solution for digital printing curing. Featuring with 80x15mm curing area and 8W/cm2 UV intensity, it is suitable for UV DTF printing applications and provides excellent performance.

    This lamp offers significant advantages for UV DTF printing with its fast curing capability that reduces production time and improves the manufacturing process. In addition, the precise and controlled curing process ensures substrate integrity, making it ideal for efficient print curing.

  • LED Ultraviolet Light for High-speed Inkjet Printing

    40x15mm 8W/cm²

    The UVSN-24J LED ultraviolet light enhances the inkjet printing process and improves efficiency. With a UV output of 8W/cm2 and a curing area of 40x15mm, it can be integrated into inkjet printers for high-quality image printing directly on the production line.

    The low heat load of the LED lamp allows printing on heat sensitive materials without restrictions. Its compact design, high UV intensity and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for high-speed inkjet printers.

  • LED UV Lamp for Digital Printing Machine

    120x15mm 8W/cm²

    With a 120x15mm irradiation size and 8W/cm2 UV intensity, the UVSN-78N LED UV lamp effectively solves the problems of slow ink drying, cracking and unclear printing patterns. It brings multiple benefits to the digital printing industry, including technological enhancements, increased production efficiency, and improved product quality.

    These advantages help manufacturers increase competitiveness, meet market demand, generate more economic benefits, and align with the strategic direction of sustainable development.

  • LED UV Curing Lamps for Thermal Inkjet

    160x15mm 8W/cm²

    With the advancement of UV LED technology, UV LED curing lamp has rapidly evolved in the printing industry. UVET Company has introduced a compact equipment UVSN-108U, catering to the growing demand for efficient and eco-friendly solutions.

    Boasting 160x15mm emission window and peak UV intensity of 8W/cm2 at 395nm wavelength, this innovative equipment offers unparalleled functionality and increased production speed for coding and marking applications.

  • High Intensity UV LED System for Digital Printing

    65x20mm 8W/cm²

    The state-of-the-art UV LED curing lamp offers advanced capability and increased production speeds for digital inkjet printing. This innovative product provides emitting area of 65x20mm and peak UV intensity of 8W/cm2 at 395nm, ensuring full UV curing and deep polymerization of UV inks.

    Its compact design, self-contained units, and easy installation make it a seamless addition to printer. Upgrade your UV printing process with the UVSN-2L1 for efficient, reliable, and sustainable curing.

  • LED UV Curing Light for High Resolution Inkjet Coding

    80x20mm 12W/cm²

    The UVSN-100B LED UV curing light is designed for high resolution inkjet coding applications. With a UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 395nm and a irradiation area of 80x20mm, this innovative lamp enables faster coding times, minimizes coding errors, increases printing durability and improves print quality. These specifications make it an ideal choice for industries that require precise and reliable printing solutions, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

  • UV LED Curing Light for Inkjet Printing

    95x20mm 12W/cm²

    The UVSN-3N2 UV LED curing light is tailored for the inkjet industry, featuring irradiation area of 95x20mm and UV intensity of 12W/cm2. Its high intensity helps achieve thorough and uniform curing, improving ink adhesion and print quality.

    In addition, its high efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of materials help improve productivity in related industries, making it an ideal solution for inkjet printing curing.

  • LED UV Curing Machine for Inkjet Printing

    120x20mm 12W/cm²

    UVET’s UVSN-150N is an exceptional LED UV curing machine designed specifically for inkjet printing. Boasting impressive irradiation size of 120x20mm and UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 395nm, it is compatible with most UV inks on the market and is the perfect choice for fulfilling printing requirements. By incorporating the UVSN-150N, you will achieve outstanding print quality, increase production efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

  • UV LED Light Source for Flatbed Printing

    125x20mm 12W/cm²

    UVET has launched a UV LED light source UVSN-4P2 with UV output of 12W/cm2 and a curing area of 125x20mm. This lamp has a wide range of applications and many advantages in the field of flatbed printing, which can bring high quality and efficient printing results. With its compact design and excellent curing efficiency, the UVSN-24J is a reliable solution for high resolution multi-colour inkjet printing.

  • UV LED Light Source for Flatbed Printing

    160x20mm 12W/cm²

    UVET has launched the 395nm UV LED curing light UVSN-5R2 for inkjet printing. It provides 12W/cm2 UV intensity and 160x20mm irradiation area. This lamp effectively solves the problems of ink splash, material damage and inconsistent print quality in inkjet printing.

    In addition, it can provide precise, uniform curing on a variety of surfaces, resulting in improved print quality, productivity and product quality, demonstrating the potential of UV LED curing technology in the inkjet printing industry.

  • UV LED Solution for Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printing

    185x40mm 12W/cm²

    UVET has introduced a reliable UV LED solution designed for the inkjet labels printing industry. With curing area of 185x40mm and high intensity of 12W/cm2 at 395nm, the product not only improves productivity and color performance, but also brings environmental benefits.

    Furthermore, it has a wide range of applications in various packaging and label printing industries, bringing higher efficiency and quality to companies.

  • 395nm LED UV Curing System for Digital Printing

    120x60mm 12W/cm²

    The UVSN-450A4 LED UV system brings numerous advantages for digital printing processes. This system boasts an irradiation area of 120x60mm and peak UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 395nm, accelerating ink drying and curing processes.

    Prints cured with this lamp exhibit superior scratch resistance and excellent resistance to chemicals, ensuring the overall durability and reliability of the prints. Choose the UVSN-450A4 LED UV system to enhance your digital printing operations and stand out in the competitive market.