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UV LED Curing Light for Inkjet Printing

UV LED Curing Light for Inkjet Printing

The UVSN-3N2 UV LED curing light is tailored for the inkjet industry, featuring irradiation area of 95x20mm and UV intensity of 12W/cm2. Its high intensity helps achieve thorough and uniform curing, improving ink adhesion and print quality.

In addition, its high efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of materials help improve productivity in related industries, making it an ideal solution for inkjet printing curing.


The UVSN-3N2 is a UV LED curing light designed specifically for the inkjet industry. With an irradiation area of 95x20mm and UV intensity of 12W/cm2, the lamp is an ideal curing solution for digital printing applications. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and applications of the curing lamp in three printing areas of wooden signs, acrylic signs, and metal signs.

The UVSN-3N2 ultraviolet curing lamp offers a variety of advantages for wooden sign printing. Due to the irregular and uneven surface of wood, it is often difficult to achieve uniform curing with conventional curing lamps. This lamp ensures thorough and uniform curing even on uneven surfaces, resulting in optimal ink adhesion and durability.

In acrylic sign printing, the precise irradiation size and high intensity of this UV LED lamp helps to effectively cure UV inks on acrylic materials, resulting in prints with excellent clarity and translucency. This feature is essential for producing eye-catching, visually appealing acrylic signage that meets customer demand for high-quality signage solutions.

In metal sign printing, the smooth nature of metal surfaces makes it difficult for inks to adhere and maintain long-term color stability. This UV curing unit cures the ink in a short time, creating a solid surface in a short period of time, ensuring long-lasting prints with excellent adhesion.

In summary, the UVSN-3N2 UV LED lamp ensures high-efficient curing on a wide range of substrates, providing the inkjet industry with a reliable solution to achieve excellent results in a variety of printing applications.

  • Specifications
  • Model No. UVSS-3N2 UVSE-3N2 UVSN-3N2 UVSZ-3N2
    UV Wavelength 365nm 385nm 395nm 405nm
    Peak UV Intensity 8W/cm2 12W/cm2
    Irradiation Area 95X20mm
    Cooling System Fan Cooling

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