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Ultra Long Linear UV LED Light for Printing

Ultra Long Linear UV LED Light for Printing

The UVSN-375H2-H is a high-performance linear UV LED light. It offers a curing size of 1500x10mm, accommodating large-area printing applications. With a UV intensity up to 12W/cm2 at 395nm wavelength, this lamp provides fast and efficient curing, ensuring high productivity for large-scale projects.

Moreover, its programmable features make it highly adaptable for handling diverse materials and curing processes. The UVSN-375H2-H is a versatile lamp that guarantees efficient and effective performance in various industrial settings.


The UVSN-375H2-H is an advanced UV LED light that offers superior performance and efficiency for large-area printing applications. This lamp adopt a focus lens design, ensuring uniform UV light distribution and delivering consistent UV output every time for optimal curing results.

One standout feature of the UVSN-375H2-H is its ultra-long curing size of 1500x10mm, which allows it to cover a large area in a single pass, greatly reducing curing time and increasing productivity. With a high UV intensity up to 12W/cm2, this system ensures rapid and effective curing. Whether it is curing inks, coatings, adhesives, or other UV-sensitive materials, this ultraviolet cuing lamps delivers exceptional results.

In addition, the large UV lamp UVSN-375H2-H offers the flexibility to program multiple curing cycles and adjust power settings based on specific curing requirements, allowing for versatile applications. The I/O signal ports make monitoring a breeze, ensuring precise control and consistent curing results. What’s more the UVSN-375H2-H supports RS232 communication, enabling centralized control of all the UV systems through a single interface, simplifying operation and enhancing efficiency.

In conclusion, the UVSN-375H2-H UV LED curing system is high intensity UV light source that combines advanced technology, precise curing capabilities, and user-friendly features. It is ideal for large-area printing applications, providing fast and efficient curing with customizable settings. With its versatile programming options and centralized control interface, the UVSN-375H2-H offers a reliable and efficient solution for various curing needs.

  • Specifications
  • Model No. UVSS-375H2-H UVSE-375H2-H UVSN-375H2-H UVSZ-375H2-H
    UV Wavelength 365nm 385nm 395nm 405nm
    Peak UV Intensity 8W/cm2 12W/cm2
    Irradiation Area 1500X10mm
    Cooling System Fan Cooling

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