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UV LED light curing system for Intermittent Offset Printing

UV LED light curing system for Intermittent Offset Printing

UV LED curing technology has great opportunities and prospects in the intermittent label printing industry. The UVSE-10H1 UV LED light curing system launched by UVET offers a irradiation area of 320x20mm and UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 385nm, providing a more efficient, superior print quality and environmentally friendly solution for the intermittent label printing industry. It meets the needs of personalized products, environmental sustainability, and digital progress.


There are several important trends to watch in the intermittent label printing industry. First of all, the growing demand for individualization has prompted the label printing industry to provide more diversified products to meet the different needs of consumers. Secondly, sustainable development has become the focus of the industry, and more environmentally friendly printing technologies and materials need to be adopted. In addition, the rapid development of digital technology is promoting the development of label printing industry in the direction of high efficiency and intelligence.

Under such a development trend, UV LED curing presents great opportunities and prospects. This technology has the characteristics of fast curing speed, low energy consumption and long service life. Moreover, It is more environmentally friendly and safer, does not produce harmful substances, and meets environmental protection requirements. Therefore, the application of UV LED curing equipment in label printing can further enhance the curing effect and improve the quality of printed materials.

The UVSE-10H1 launched by UVET takes full advantage of UV LED technology. The curing size of this product is 320x20mm, which can meet the label printing of various sizes. Its 12W/cm2 UV output provides powerful curing effect and guarantees the quality of printing. The product utilizes high-efficiency UV LED, which has a longer lifetime and lower energy consumption, reducing production costs significantly. In addition, it has a wide range of applicability and is suitable for different label materials and printing processes, thus meeting individual and specific requirements.

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  • Specifications
  • Model No. UVSE-10H1
    UV Wavelength 385nm 395nm
    Peak UV Intensity 12W/cm2
    Irradiation Area 320X20mm
    Cooling System Fan Cooling

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