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For Offset Printing

UV LED Systems for Offset Printing

Combined with low heat and high UV energy, the UVET’s UV curing systems are suitable for offset printing.
It is easy to be assembled with offset presses to provide further flexibility for running combination print job.

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  • UV LED Curing Equipment for Offset Printing

    225x40mm 16W/cm²

    The UVSN-540K5-M UV LED curing equipment provides a reliable and efficient curing solution for offset printing. With a high light intensity of 16W/cm2 and a wide irradiation width of 225x40mm, the unit provides a uniform and stable curing effect.

    It not only enables the ink to adhere firmly to the substrate, but also protects the substrate from damage at the same time. This meets the needs of manufacturers, improves productivity and quality, and brings new breakthroughs to the industry as a whole.

  • Large Area UV LED Curing Machine for Offset Printing

    325x40mm 16W/cm²

    The UV LED curing light  is designed for high speed offset printing with a large irradiation area of 325x40mm. This system offers a peak irradiance of 16W/cm2 at 395nm, ensuring fast and uniform curing even at at maximum production speeds.

    Additionally, it features replaceable outer windows, making it easier to maintain in printing applications. Experience fast and uniform curing with the convenience of maintenance in printing applications with advanced UV curing system.

  • LED UV System for Offset Printing

    100x20mm 20W/cm²

    The LED UV system UVSN-120W has an irradiation area of 100x20mm and UV intensity of 20W/cm2 for offset printing curing. It can bring obvious advantages to offset printing applications, such as shortening production cycle, improving the quality of decorative patterns, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.

    The benefits and advantages brought by this curing lamp will help the relevant industries to better meet market demand, improve productivity, reduce energy consumption and create a more environmentally friendly production environment.

  • UV LED Curing Device for Offset Packaging Printing

    150x20mm 20W/cm²

    The UVSN-180T4 UV LED curing device is specially developed to enhance the curing process of offset packaging printing. This device offers 20W/cm2 powerful UV intensity and 150x20mm curing area, making it ideal for high-volume print production.

    In addition, it can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of printing presses, such as rotary offset printer, to improve efficiency and deliver superior print results.

  • UV LED light curing system for Intermittent Offset Printing

    320x20mm 12W/cm²

    UV LED curing technology has great opportunities and prospects in the intermittent label printing industry. The UVSE-10H1 UV LED light curing system launched by UVET offers a irradiation area of 320x20mm and UV intensity of 12W/cm2 at 385nm, providing a more efficient, superior print quality and environmentally friendly solution for the intermittent label printing industry. It meets the needs of personalized products, environmental sustainability, and digital progress.