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UV LED Curing Systems Improve Label and Packaging Printing

UV LED Curing Systems Improve Label and Packaging Printing

The UVSN-18D6 UV LED curing system is a highly efficient solution for significantly enhancing printing processes. It offers up to 24W/cm2 of UV output power and a 450x20mm curing area for a variety of applications including label printing, flexo packaging and decorative printing.

In addition, the UVSN-18D6 system improves adhesion and promotes the formation of a strong bond between the ink and the substrate. This not only ensures durability, but also enables superior product differentiation.


The UVSN-18D6 UV LED curing lamp is a game changer for a variety of label printing applications. Firstly, with a UV output of 24W/cm2 and a wide irradiation area of 450x20mm, it provides excellent curing results. Combined with specially formulated UV inks, manufacturers can achieve amazing print speeds. This makes the UVSN-18D6 ideal for label printing applications where high quality materials need to be printed at amazing speeds.

Secondly, the versatility of the UV ink curing lamp allows manufacturers to print on a wide range of packaging materials, including flexible films, boxes, cartons and corrugated board, with outstanding results. By retrofitting UV LED printers, manufacturers can unlock the potential of printing on different substrates, opening up new opportunities and expanding their market share.

In addition, the high power UV light source UVSN-18D6 brings significant improvements to decorative printing applications. By incorporating these lamps into decorative printing processes, manufacturers can achieve ultra-high gloss, matte and holographic effects, increasing product differentiation and creating visually stunning results. This not only enhances overall aesthetics, but also provides an unrivalled return on investment in the decorative printing market. With the UVSN-18D6, manufacturers can achieve dramatic results and leave a lasting impression on their customers.

In short, the UVSN-18D6 UV LED lamp has revolutionised label printing applications with its superior curing performance and high-speed operation. By installing it on presses, manufacturers can increase efficiency, reduce waste and create unique products that stand out in the marketplace.

  • Specifications
  • Model No. UVSE-18D6 UVSN-18D6
    UV Wavelength 385nm 395nm
    Peak UV Intensity 24W/cm2
    Irradiation Area 450X20mm
    Cooling System Water Cooling

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