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UV LED Light Source Packaging Processing Technology

UV LED Light Source Packaging Processing Technology

The packaging method of UV LED light sources is different from other LED products, mainly because they serve different objects and needs. Most lighting or display LED products are designed to serve the human eye, so when considering light intensity, you also need to consider the human eye's ability to withstand strong light. However, UV LED curing lamps do not serve the human eye, so they aim for higher light intensity and energy density.

SMT Packaging Process

Currently, the most common UV LED lamp beads on the market are packaged using the SMT process. The SMT process involves mounting the LED chip onto a carrier, often referred to as an LED bracket. LED carriers mainly have thermal and electrical conductive functions and provide protection for the LED chips. Some also have to support LED lenses. The industry has classified many models of this type of lamp bead according to different specifications and models of chips and brackets. The advantage of this packaging method is that packaging factories can produce on a large scale, which significantly reduces production costs. As a result, more than 95% of UV lamps in the LED industry currently use this packaging process. Manufacturers do not need excessive technical requirements and can produce various standardised lamps and application products.

COB Packaging Process

Compared to SMT, another packaging method is COB packaging. In COB packaging, the LED chip is packaged directly onto the substrate. In fact, this packaging method is the earliest packaging technology solution. When LED chips were first developed, engineers adopted this packaging method.

According to the industry's understanding, the UV LED source has pursued high energy density and high optical power, which is particularly suitable for the COB packaging process. Theoretically, the COB packaging process can maximize the pitch-free packaging per unit area of the substrate, thus achieving higher power density for the same number of chips and light emitting area. 

In addition, COB package also has obvious advantages in heat dissipation, LED chips usually use only one way of heat conduction for heat transfer, and the less heat conduction medium used in the heat conduction process, the higher the efficiency of heat conduction.COB package process, because the chip is directly packaged on the substrate, compared with the SMT packaging method, the chip to the heat sink between the reduction of two types of heat conduction medium, which greatly improved the performance and stability of the late light source products. performance and stability of light source products. Therefore, in the industrial field of high-power UV LED systems, the use of COB packaging light source is the best choice.

In summary, by optimizing the energy output stability of LED UV curing system, matching appropriate wavelengths, controlling irradiation time and energy, appropriate UV radiation dose, controlling curing environmental conditions, and conducting quality control and testing, the curing quality of UV inks can be effectively guaranteed. This will improve production efficiency, reduce reject rates, and ensure product quality stability.

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