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The Impact and Relationship between UV Inks and UV LED Light

The Impact and Relationship between UV Inks and UV LED Light

As the technology continues to advance, the industry's understanding of UV LED curing inks has increased, but the exact relationship between the two remains unclear. Today, we will take a closer look at the impact and relationship between different color inks and UV LED light.

UV inks contain thousands of pigment particles that require sufficient UV intensity to reach the bottom layer of the ink. If the light intensity is insufficient, the bottom of the ink layer will not receive UV light, resulting in the ink not being fully cured. This phenomenon will cause the ink layer to be hard on the outside and soft on the inside, and the volume shrinkage during polymerization will cause wrinkles on the surface, which will affect the print quality.

Different colors of UV inks cure at different speeds because the pigment particles reflect different wavelengths of light. Pigments that reflect wavelengths close to the UV wavelength require more curing energy, while pigments that reflect wavelengths farther away from the UV wavelength require less energy.

In addition, UV inks are generally mixed, or color-matched. The tinting strength of the pigment, the interaction between the pigment and other components, and the absorption of UV light by the color all affect the curing speed. Finding the appropriate cure rate also becomes more complicated with practice. 

The transmittance of ultraviolet light to different pigments varies with wavelength. The transmittance of color is related to the UV wavelength curve, usually magenta color has super high transmittance, other colors in the order of yellow, cyan, black, which is completely consistent with the order of the experimental curve of UV intensity and curing speed.

Therefore, UV light source has a significant impact on both the color characteristics and curing speed of the ink. Optimizing the light absorption characteristics of the ink can improve its curing effect.

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Post time: Feb-20-2024