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Tests to Check the Degree of UV Curing

Tests to Check the Degree of UV Curing

UV LED technology has revolutionized the printing industry in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular as it offers many advantages over conventional curing systems. To ensure optimal performance of UV LED lamps, it is important to test the curing effectiveness of UV coatings and inks. This article will discuss several common test methods for evaluating curing effectiveness, including hand-wipe testing, odour testing, microscopic examination and chemical testing.

Hand Wipe Test

The hand wipe test is a widely used method for evaluating the curing of UV coatings and inks. The coated material is rubbed vigorously to check for smudging or ink transfer. If the coating remains intact without smearing or peeling, this indicates a successful curing process.

Odour Test

The odour test determines the degree of cure by detecting the presence or absence of solvent residue. If it is fully cured, there will be virtually no odour. However, if there is an odour of coatings and inks, it means that it is not fully cured.

Microscopic Examination

Microscopic inspection is an important test method for evaluating curing effectiveness at a microscopic level. By examining the coating material under a microscope, it is possible to determine whether the UV coating and ink are evenly bonded to the substrate. If there are no uncured areas under the microscope, this ensures consistent LED UV curing.

Chemical Test

Chemical testing is essential to assess the curing performance of UV lamps. A drop of acetone or alcohol is applied to the surface of the substrate and if the coating or ink appears to melt, it is not fully cured and vice versa.

These methods provide an effective means of testing coatings and inks for full cure. By using these test methods, customers can ensure the consistency and reliability of UV curing products.

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Post time: Jan-10-2024