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Key Considerations for Selecting a High-Quality LED UV Curing System

Key Considerations for Selecting a High-Quality LED UV Curing System

The principle of UV LED curing ink is that after the specially formulated ink absorbs high-intensity ultraviolet light, it generates reactive free radicals that initiate polymerization, cross-linking and grafting reactions, transforming the ink from a liquid to a solid state in seconds.

A complete LED UV curing system should include: control module, cooling module, optical processing system and LED module. When selecting a good LED UV curing system, the following aspects should be considered.

  • Equipment appearance

A good UV curing equipment should have an industrial design, with fine craftsmanship, smooth edges, and high-quality screws to minimize maintenance issues. At the same time, it's important to check the surface of the equipment for scratches or damage to ensure its integrity.

  • Optical modules, connectors, cooling system and other configurations

A robust configuration is essential for optimal performance and should not focus solely on low cost.

(1) The choice of optical modules is critical, as the varying quality of optical modules produced by different manufacturers plays an important role in the performance of the equipment.

(2) Poor quality connectors can lead to unexpected problems and wasted time, making them much less cost effective.

(3) Heat dissipation is a critical component of a UV LED curing machine. Some manufacturers may compromise on thermal design to reduce costs, resulting in poor heat dissipation. In addition, some manufacturers use poorly designed water cooling systems that do not take into account pressure drop, flow rate and coolant. These can shorten the life of curing equipment. 

  • LED UV curing equipment parameters

(1) Irradiation size: For different printing applications and curing areas, it is necessary to select the appropriate irradiation size to ensure curing effectiveness.

(2) Light intensity: When purchasing UV LED lamps, it is important to know that greater intensity does not necessarily mean better. Different inks have different requirements for intensity and energy, so it is only necessary to meet the required intensity and energy for curing.

(3) Wavelength: The UV LED wavelengths are mainly distributed in 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm. Choose different wavelengths according to specific needs.

 The curing requirements vary depending on the application. When selecting UV curing lamp for printing, it is necessary to configure it based on the parameters of the UV ink, and to perform long and repeated tests to achieve optimal curing effects.

Post time: Feb-27-2024