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Factors and Solutions Affecting UV LED Curing Temperature

Factors and Solutions Affecting UV LED Curing Temperature

In the development of UV LED curing technology, the temperature rise of the irradiated object has always been a concern. In response to the reasons for the elevated working surface temperature of the irradiated object, UVET company has compiled some key factors to provide a more comprehensive reference.

Major factors affecting temperature

  • Irradiation energy: The irradiance of a UV LED lamp is a critical factor. The higher the irradiation energy, the better the performance of the lamp. Increasing the intensity of the lamp will also further increase the temperature of the work surface. 
  • Heat capacity per unit area of cured material: The thickness of the irradiated material directly affects the temperature rise; the greater the thickness, the greater the temperature rise. Different materials have different heat capacities per unit area, which is also an important factor in temperature rise.
  • Irradiation time: Under the same intensity and material conditions, the longer the irradiation time, the more significant the temperature increase.
  • External environment: High external temperatures will further affect the working surface temperature, so it is particularly important to consider the working environment temperature.
  • Heat dissipation measures:Effective heat dissipation is also a key factor in temperature rise. 

Solutions to UV LED curing temperature rise problems

First, adjust the irradiation energy and intensity, according to the actual needs of reasonable configuration, to avoid excessive energy, resulting in temperature rise too fast. Second, according to the characteristics of the irradiated material, a reasonable choice of UV LED device specifications, to avoid temperature rise too fast. Third, control the irradiation time to avoid prolonged irradiation leading to high temperature. In addition, in a high-temperature environment, take effective heat dissipation measures to ensure the stability of the equipment.

By considering the above factors and taking reasonable measures, the problem of temperature rise during the curing process can be effectively solved to improve production efficiency and ensure product quality. When using UV LED curing systems, manufacturers must carefully select the parameters and consider the working environment and material properties to achieve the best curing results.

Post time: Mar-14-2024